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Shedding Light : Studio Prints

November 26, 2015 - New York, NY

Extraordinary Prints

It is my job as a wedding photographer to crystallize your day into a collection of images that tells the story of what it means for you to love and be loved.  While these moments can be appreciated on a computer screen, they are most deeply felt and truly cherished when they can be held in your hands or admired on the wall.



Until now, I have done what the vast majority of photographers in this industry do – prepare the images and hand them off to a lab for printing.  Working closely with our lab partners we can achieve consistent, pleasing and certainly beautiful results.


While beautiful is nice, I’ve been searching for something extraordinary.

Shedding Light : Studio Prints

Bespoke Archival Enlargements

We now have in house, an archival pigment printer capable of creating many thousands more tones than labs can produce on their high volume machines.  This means more nuanced shading, a wider palette of colors, and even more finite detail.


For any particular image, I select the perfect paper to complement the mood of the moment.  This could mean a matte, 100% cotton paper with a hint of warm tone for an intimate or romantic feel, or a vivid satin finish for a sharp, dynamic look.  We carry an exquisite inventory of papers, many of which are produced at mills that have been creating specialty stock for over 500 years.


Shedding Light : Studio Prints

Archiving for the Future

Once the print is made, its presentation is equally as important.  All of our Studio Prints will be placed in an archival quality, double thick mat ready to be framed.  These luxurious mats are chosen for more than their aesthetic.  Completely acid and lignin free, they will help to preserve the integrity of the print for generations.

Shedding Light : Studio Prints

One Image

I have always been obsessed with albums and continue to be.  Weddings are enormous undertakings with so many opportunities to express the sensibilities of a couple.  An album allows you to show all the personalities and choices you made to make the day uniquely yours.


But if you were to sum up your relationship in a single image, which would you choose to hang on the wall forever?  How would you have it printed?

Shedding Light : Studio Prints
Shedding Light : Studio Prints
Shedding Light : Studio Prints