Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding : Ashley & Chad : Pocantino Hills, NY


Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding : Ashley & Chad

Pocantino Hills, NY


On May 5, 2018, Ashley & Chad held their wedding ceremony and reception at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantino Hills, NY.


If you’re a foodie, window sill farmer, or avid Hudson Valley day tripper, chances are you’ve at least dreamt about having your wedding at Blue Hill.  Currently regarded as the 12th best restaurant in the entire world, the opportunity to experience this on your wedding day is something immensely unique.  At Stone Barns you can have a large event in their barn, or a more intimate gathering utilizing the restaurant itself.  Since the dining room is used exclusively for dinner service in the evening, Ashley & Chad opted to have a spritely morning wedding and luncheon.


Awaiting the bridal party upon arrival was a simple arrangement of some baked goods and freshly cut pears.  As they were surely the most perfectly ripe, meticulously grown pieces of fruit on the planet, I got a chuckle hearing a group of grown men remark at length over the joy they got from a single slice of pear.


Ashley & Chad saw each other for the first time in the courtyard with morning sun streaming in.  They were so enthusiastic to be together which made things flow effortlessly for their portrait session before the ceremony.  When you get married in the morning, there is a special “freshness” and new start feeling to the day.  It’s romantic, but also exciting.


Once the ceremony concluded, we were treated to a tremendously delicious lunch served by the very same people who would be tending to dinner service that evening.  Everything ran seamlessly as such, and the meal was accented with heartfelt speeches.


For my first time photographing a wedding at Blue Hill, I was blown away, and I hope to return again very soon.