Gantry Plaza Wedding : Razia & Jashim : Long Island City, NY


Gantry Plaza Wedding : Razia & Jashim

Long Island City, NY


Razia & Jashim were married March 10, 2018 in Queens, NY.


Photographing the major life moment of another artist is always a huge honor.  I was especially humbled to document the nuptials of my buddy Jashim who is a wonderful wedding photographer in his own right, and a genuinely great human being.  I was lucky to be there when he proposed to his better half Razia just a handful of months ago and we met yet again on a cold March Saturday to make things official.


We were extremely fortunate to be able to photograph Razia’s getting ready in their new apartment which conveniently was completely empty!  A dream to shoot in with grey walls and wide open space, this was the kind of luxury a photographer lends another photographer.  I open this post with their touching first look which was followed by the reading of cards and a few pictures in the space before heading out.  What a great to memorialize their new home and new beginning with each other.


With still some time before the reception began, we made our way to Gantry Plaza State Park.  It’s an ideal spot for bride and groom portraits, so long as you pre-arrange and make sure you have a permit!  From Manhattan, you’d know right away by the Long Island sign and long piers in to the water to identify Gantry Park.


Razia & Jashim were troopers – braving what really was bitter cold in the name of getting great pictures.  I really appreciated their perseverance.


As guests gathered back at Elite Palace, we made our way back into the heart of Queens for a ring ceremony and delicious Bengali feast.  It was a beautiful day and my absolute pleasure to be a part of it.