Tappan Hill Mansion Wedding : Venue Tour : Tarrytown, NY


Tappan Hill Mansion Wedding : Venue Tour

Tarrytown, NY

Tappan Hill Mansion, set at a high point overlooking the Hudson River in Tarrytown, NY, offers a beautiful, relaxed, historic without being stuffy atmosphere for a wedding in Westchester County. After winding your way up to the venue you’re greeted into a white rotunda with dramatic high ceilings which is perfect for family photos and other portraits. In my eyes, the two main draws have to be the dramatic stone lined ceremony space with sweeping views as well as the wonderful hospitality provided by Abigail Kirsch Catering. You can always count on a wonderful meal at Tappan Hill. Additionally, when you pay for a vendor meal at TPM you can be assured the vendor is receiving a real hot plate of food which is infinitely appreciated in the midst of a long day on our feet.

You’ll find a tastefully appointed getting ready suite as well as some adjoining rooms which can be utilized in the case of a large bridal party. I tend to gravitate to those neighboring rooms because there is much more light to work with. Groomsmen will usually get ready in a wood trimmed room on the first floor. I’ve also personally seen couples choose to get ready at a nearby hotel and then move on site for final touches.

For photos, the grounds feature large lawns, mature trees, forested areas, and landscaping out front. I could return to the venue several times and make the weddings look different which means each wedding won’t be so cookie cutter. In the event of rain, the rotunda, ceremony space, and windows along the main cocktail area will be your main opportunities.

Tappan Hill has an understated elegance enhanced by its natural surroundings. There is a feeling of serenity here that gives you the feeling of a getaway from the city while still being just a short 30 minute drive or train ride away. It’s one of my favorite venues within close range of New York City.