Wedding Family Photos : Shot List : New York, NY


Wedding Family Photos : Shot List

New York, NY

For many, a wedding is a family reunion.  It could be the first time a parent and siblings have been in the same place for 25 years.  Or, perhaps a loved one from overseas made the long journey.  For others, it’s the 4th family wedding of the season and the group pictures have been taken many times over.  Each couples’ needs for family photos can vary widely based on their own desires, parent expectations, and family dynamics.


A good rule of thumb is to trim your list down to the combinations that will definitely be put in a frame or used in the album.  Smiling for an hour can be exhausting so you’ll make sure you look your best throughout with a concise list.  It’s a great idea to include important extended family members in your portrait session to make sure certain people are documented, but I’d suggest erring on the side of large groups that can be moved in and out quickly.


How long does it take to photograph family?  To give you an idea of the timing required, here are three different sizes of lists and the exact amount of time each took.


8 minutes





22 minutes




42 minutes